It's Time To Control Dogs


We don't like having to write stories about children whose faces are scarred by dog bites.

We don't like hearing about stories of elderly pedestrians who have to use walking sticks to keep threatening dogs at bay.

We don't like telling stories about having to sprint down the street to outrun a big dog that seemingly wants to make a kill.

We don't like the sense of anxiety that strikes when a dog bounds into the street as we are walking by.

That's why we support a strong leash and containment law for dogs in Payson.

Several weeks ago, the Payson Town Council called for citizen input about how -- or even if -- the town should strengthen its rules about free-ranging dogs. From what we've read and heard, the public's interest is clear: Payson residents want a dog control ordinance that will allow them to walk and bicycle the town's streets in safety.

We agree.
All dogs that are not in their yards should be on a leash at all times. All dogs that are in their yards should be restrained by either a chain or a fence.

This is not an issue that requires a lot of teeth-gnashing and reflection. The Town Council should just get on with adopting tighter controls and implementing them.

Big vs. little and local
It is unfortunate that another smaller, independent business in Payson is folding in the face of competition from big corporate chains.

But the fact is, businesses live and die by their ability to serve the needs of customers, and Weber's IGA was unable to attract enough support in Payson to keep its doors open.

The people of the Rim country have voted with their pocketbooks, and Safeway, Bashas' and the Wal-Mart Supercenter have won out.

But one thing local residents should keep in mind when they are heading out the door, wallet in hand, is that "price" isn't everything. There's much to be said for the personal service and sense of community that can be found in smaller, locally owned businesses. We urge you to keep them in mind -- particularly during the holiday season.

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