Main St. Site For Library Unlikely


Despite three offers on the table for a library site on Main Street, members of the town's Library Project Policy Committee will recommend going back to "plan A" -- a site that is already owned by the town at Rumsey Park.

Three of the committee members, Mayor Vern Stiffler and Town Council members Ray Schum and Jim Spencer, said they would take the matter to the council for a vote.

The remaining committee members, Judy Buettner, Dave Ricker and John Wilson, are members of Library Friends, an independent support group.

Library Friends had a special board meeting Monday and determined that none of the properties offered were of "ideal size" for the new library site, which must be large enough to accommodate parking.

The three offers were:
• 2 1/2 acres at $190,000 at 505 W. Main St. from Dannie Garcia;

  • approximately 2 acres for property behind the Baptist Church on Main Street at $225,000, from Kaibab Industries;
  • 2 acres and a building, including the Oaks Restaurant property, at a cost of $400,000 from Jack Etter.

The Library Friends board voted to reject the Garcia and Kaibab offers, and to request that the architect do a cost analysis on the Etter property. They also supported retaining the Rumsey Park site as an option.

But Town Council members on the advisory committee rejected any more consideration of the Etter property.

Schum said Wednesday that there is every reason not to accept any of the bids, because the town already has the land it needs for the new library.

Councilmember Jim Spencer agreed.
"Forget about the bids," Spencer said. "I'm in favor of Rumsey."

The advisory committee agreed that the site in Rumsey Park provided the most favorable opportunity for the project, despite a desire by many committee members to keep the library on historic Main Street.

Community Development Director Bob Gould, one of three town staff members at the advisory committee meeting, told the group he had hoped to keep the library on Main Street because of the proposed plan to redevelop the area.

Stiffler told the committee, "I'm for closing out the process and going for Rumsey."

The Library Project Policy Committee voted 6-0 to recommend locating the proposed library at Rumsey Park.

The matter is expected to go before the Town Council at its Dec. 10 meeting.

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