Put President's Peccadillos Behind Us


Listening to Henry Hyde and his Happy Hypocrites and Keyhole Ken (Starr) Thursday was a big setback in any hope to cure the pathological moral smugness exhibited by so many in our nation. It also lacked any appreciation of the harm this continuing vendetta is doing to our country at home and abroad.

The president was reckless and juvenile in his foolish but entirely consensual relationship with Monica Lewinsky and he lied about it to try to escape the shame and mortification that admitting to it would bring to himself and his family. Does this simple fact come down to the supercharged words "perjury" (questionable) or "obstruction of justice" (no evidence of that)? All this in connection with a consensual, however unsavory, sexual affair dug out by an overzealous special prosecutor run amok?

Sure, we're disappointed in the president, but do we want to continue with this exercise in national masochism? The president has confessed. I hope the people have the good judgment and opt to put this behind us and move on to repair the damage done to our government and our international image by a foolish president and his vindictive persecutor.

Elmer Kreutzer

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