Bible Should Be Honored All Year Long


You're right, there is certainly something wrong with honoring the Bible -- for just a week in every year. It is our place as a nation founded on Christian principles, to honor God and His Word every day of the year.

As for a martyr's day, every day in this and other countries, men, women, and children are martyred for the cause of Christ, and that leads us to understand why there is a domestic violence day, so I would like to suggest that we as a nation founded and floundering on Christian purpose, stop "clowning" around, and get down to the business of bringing the Bible back into our hearts, and the hearts of "We the people."

You see, the Word of God will not leave you or forsake you, if you seek it earnestly, and neither should we forsake each other, in belittling our government officials because they choose under Constitutional mandate to proclaim liberty throughout the land. The fifth commandment of the Covenant of Promise (Bible), states and is a command: Honor your father and your mother, so that you may live long in the land, the Lord your God is giving you. The first commandment says: You shall have no other God before me. Are these commands of God appropriate, or do you deny God's right to His creation, and thus deny His Word?

Our founding fathers went to great pains that government and church be separate, because of the persecution of the people in the dictatorial religious right of the government of England, and they made the Constitution clear that the government could not enter into the right to assemble freely to worship God. That, my friend, is the reason for the "so-called" separation of church and state (like taking the Bible out of schools). Do the research!

You are right when you say we know what "religious" states look like, because the religious state is one run by dictators who use the Word of God to their own purpose, and in so doing destroy the truth of the Gospel, which is founded upon the love (agape) for His children, (those who call Him Father), not upon a dictator state, with a "man of god" appointed to lead his people. If you will note the countries which you named, this is the case -- dictator states -- and if you realize this (US) country's path, we could be headed in that direction, God forbid.

Is this a government of the people, for the people, by the people? Certainly. If honoring the God under which this country was established, we do not always honor the policy of a government that is in a constant state of growth, we are "One Nation under God," are we indivisible? The answer is not just National Day of Prayer, or a week to honor the Bible, but to be in prayer each day, and to honor the Bible and its Creator, Our Creator, everyday!

You see Mr. Beck, we are by God and Constitutional right given the freedom of speech, yet how we use that right determines, whether we bless or offend, and we do not always say the "right things" when we speak our own words, but when we work within the Word of God, it is He who is responsible, to see that His Word comes to pass, just as we have been given the right by God first, then the Constitution, we are responsible for our words, I stand in this as The Power of One, under God.

Psalms 12 states, is just a portion, of what a man of God thinks about such things as you speak against, your heavenly Father; David its penman, had if you study the Word, gone through much, but because of the Love of God and his (David's) willingness to return to his Creator, God honored him.

It is a religious state when one man's opinion is the majority, and the oppressed take it as law. Don't be that one man. This is "God's view," not my view.

Thank you, may God give you greater insight in the matters of state, and of the truths of the Word of God!

William Whitworth and Family

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