Why Is There Fear About The Bible?


Why the furor over an official Bible Week? Anything but the Bible, right? What is it about That Book that makes those who've probably never read it fear it so?

If we're not careful, those Ten Commandments in the Old Testament about loving God, honoring parents, being honest, etc., might influence someone to do those things.

Then there's Jesus, a dangerous role model if there ever was one, telling us to do to others what we would have them do to us.

There's power and truth in the Bible. I discovered a holy and wondrous God there also. Dangerous? You bet, but only to those who prefer darkness to light and ignorance to knowledge.

If "In God we trust," why not show proper respect and give credit where it's due? There's no real freedom or wisdom apart from God and the Bible that shows Him to us.

Charlotte Casey

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