Bible Week Does Not Force Belief


I was saddened to read your editorial regarding Bible week as being wrong.

The level of hostility to Christians and their beliefs is growing and it is becoming more pronounced every day. We have moved from a post-Christian era to a decidedly anti-Christian environment.

A quick look around will confirm it. Hateful comments in the mainstream press showing in code words by the liberals and activists as "those right-wing conspiracies" or other derogatory words to discredit anyone connected with the message of hope the Bible gives. I did not think it would happen in our own local paper, so close to home.

In the cross hairs of this criticism is the Judeo-Christian ethic and its moral underpinnings of our culture. And what is hanging in the balance is nothing less than the Bible and opportunities for it to flourish in our country. It is that message that is being silenced.

At a time when I feel you should be calling for united prayer for our nation, morality for our leaders and a return to God's Word for wisdom, instruction and guidance, you have done just the opposite by joining the relentless attack against the Bible that has gone on forever.

To proclaim a "Bible Week" is not violation of separation of church and state. Our forefathers were talking about not having a state-enforced religion such as they fled from in Europe.

Our founding fathers created this wonderful system of self-government on Biblical principles that were as much a part of their personal lives as our nation. A careful study of history bears this out. This is what is at stake.

They were not saying you have to separate yourself and country from the Bible. Big difference! Now many are strongly trying to divorce our government and the people from any Biblical principles. Which I feel is a grave mistake. Which is wrong and has had a terrible effect in our nation already.

To proclaim a Bible week to honor it before our people in no way forces anyone to follow it. That still has to be done on an individual basis. God does not force us to believe His Word, either. But when we do believe His Word we should have "citizens' rights" as you stated, too.

I commend our leaders and governor for proclaiming Bible Week. I pray our young people will read it and find the answers to their questions instead of the smoke screen they are receiving from their so-called leaders.

Robin Lyons

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