Don't Cast Judgment If You Weren't At The Trial


There seems to be so many people with so many opinions. For those who are writing letters with these opinions, and were so worried about what happened that cold December night between Roy Haught and Jim Cooper, why weren't you at the trial? Then you would have every right to judge Roy Haught and even the Honorable Judge Edward Dawson.

But if you did not attend the trial to get your information firsthand from the witnesses, you really have no right to judge publicly.

To the juror who wrote the letter, "Judge's decision wasted my time as a juror," I have a question: Can you honestly say living in the Payson area 14 months before the trial that you did not read the newspaper or discuss this matter with anyone? I do not believe anyone in Gila County had not heard about this matter or not talked about it with a friend or neighbor.

Did Roy Haught get a fair trial in this county? Or was he guilty before the evidence was presented?

I was at the trial and I heard the facts. All witnesses and Mr. Haught testified a push and one hit! Nothing more. I believe Judge Edward Dawson made the right decision.

Yes, there are still a lot of unanswered questions for me as well. If it was my husband, or my father, I would have called 911 immediately. No excuses, no exceptions. Not 6-1/2 hours later. What happened in that time? If Mr. Cooper was beaten as badly as the pictures showed, is Mr. Haught the one responsible? Or was he the easy one on which to place the blame?

I feel for the Cooper family's loss, but I feel Roy and his family have also suffered. Enough is enough! It's too bad that we can't let it rest and let it be in the past.

Lori L. Brown
Tonto Basin

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