Duo Hopes State Legislature Will Heed Silver-Haired Wisdom


Bob Lucas and Roger Hattrup want to get people over 60 thinking about ways to improve their lives.

They came to that conclusion over coffee at Wal-Mart, where they often meet to start the day.

They had read a newspaper article about the Silver Haired Legislature starting up in Arizona and wanted to get involved, even though neither had been in politics before.

Lucas and Hattrup, both Payson residents, are two of three men running for three seats in the state's fourth legislative district.

As candidates for the state's first Silver Haired Legislature, they said they are neither Democrats nor Republicans, and they're not lobbyists -- they're advocates.

The Silver Haired Legislature is an independent advocacy and advisory group for the Arizona Legislature. The elected representatives of the senior advocacy group will meet yearly to select legislation of interest to senior citizens that they will present to state legislators.

Members of both the State House and Senate have promised an open-door policy and a willingness to listen to proposed legislation, Hattrup said.

"All we can do is present it to them," he said. "They said they'd listen to us."

Silver Haired legislators are trained.

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