Justice Different For Those With Name, Money


We should of known;
Justice in America still works -- that is, if you have a name and money. Even in a small town like Payson. I wonder why we even have laws, because those with pull can circumvent them. Why go through the farce of a trial with a jury when the result is still going to be for those with power?

I get so tired of hearing what a nice guy Roy Haught is. If it is so, what was this nice husband and father doing, along with his two buddies, going out drinking and spending the evening with two single women? One would think a nice husband and father would be at home where he belonged.

By the way, how come his two buddies with the name of "Randall" were never charged with anything? They were there and did nothing to stop this tragedy. Sounds like abetting to me.

C. James

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