Skate Park To Open In Late June


Payson's rapidly growing contingent of in-line skaters and skateboarders should have a new, state-of-the-art facility available for use by the end of June, Payson Parks and Recreation Department officials say.

The skate park site being built at Rumsey Park where the old basketball courts once stood has been cleared and awaits necessary concrete work.

Also, almost $52,000 equipment has been ordered from a company in Brighton, Colo.

Parks and Recreation Director Bill Schwind, who ordered the equipment, has not been given a firm delivery date from the company but was told Payson's order would begin being filled in mid-May.

The next step in finishing the facility, Parks Supervisor Nelson Beck said, is for the various individuals who earlier volunteered to help with the concrete to schedule the dates their tasks can be completed.

The skate park, which measures about 100 feet by 100 feet, will feature the latest in equipment including a launch ramp, spine ramp, trick quarter pipe, half pipe, fun box and Bauer box with handrail.

To construct and design a challenging facility, the Parks and Recreation Department held meetings last fall to obtain feedback from potential users. For more information, Schwind traveled to both a public skate park owned by the City of Phoenix and a private indoors facility known as "The Zone" in Scottsdale.

Both trips, he said, were extremely valuable in learning what was needed in Payson's new park.

BMX track work set for April 10
In addition to the skate facility, Rumsey is undergoing another facelift with the construction of a BMX track at the west end of the park.

Work on the track began in late March as Meikle Garrett's Eagle Scout Project.

On April 10, the Parks and Recreation Department will continue the project, modeling it after the South Park BMX track located in Pittsburgh, Pa.

Beck, who is overseeing the construction, is asking all parents and youth interested in the sport of cycling to set aside Saturday, April 10 to help build the facility.

"Grab a shovel and hard rake, and help build one of Payson's most exciting new facilities," Beck said. The elongated, S-shaped track will have a platform ramp at the starting line, an 8-foot berm on the first turn, a 96-foot straightaway, two more turns and a "rhythm" jump during the 138-foot sprint to the finish line. "All the great stuff needed for a sanctionable BMX facility," Beck said.

Call Beck at 474-5242, ext. 7 for more information on either the skate or BMX parks.

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