Injustice Reaches Outside Of Our Community


I would like to respond to the letter that Marylou Haught wrote to the Roundup in defense of her nephew.

I would not have expected any other position from someone so close to the defendant of any crime. Our prisons are full of people whose friends and relatives continually decry their incarceration.

I feel it is also to be expected that so much of the outrage regarding the "slap on the hand" treatment that Mr. Haught got from the judge should be coming from Pine-Strawberry, as Jim Cooper was one of "us." He was as dear to many here as Roy Haught is to his aunt. So, no surprises there.

I don't see the "Peyton Place" atmosphere that she decries. And I don't see any conflict between Payson and Pine-Strawberry over this issue. The injustice in the judge's position affects all Arizonans, regardless of community affiliation.

Ms. Haught's position is self-serving to say the least, but no less understandable. That is the reason for "a trial by a jury of our peers." Not a trial by our relatives and our friends.

Mr. Roy Haught is truly insignificant to me and will, it appears, become just another episode in the "in-justice" trend that appears to be predominant in our justice system recently.

Ron Hamric

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