Dust, Safety Are Truly Issues With New Bmx Track


After reading the article concerning the BMX track and Mr. Nelson Beck saying that "he assured the neighbors that it will not create dust and noise." Every time a rider goes on the track and over a jump - there is a trail of dust blowing, and the kids get excited and yell and holler. The trucks and cars that come in there also make a lot of dust.

We are not against BMX tracks, as our young grandson in California is a member of ABA and is a top rider in the expert class. He always practices safety and wears his helmet and protective gear at all times. The tracks he races on are all "out of town" and not close to any residential areas. Like the BMX Winter Nationals that were held at Black Mountain in Phoenix this past weekend.

BMX tracks are fenced in and riders are only allowed on the tracks for practice before the scheduled race, and with protective gear on only. There is no supervision at this site at all. This is not allowed at any other BMX tracks, because of the liability and chances of injury.

We understood that when Barry Cardinael was planning the Multi-Event Center that they were planning on putting a BMX track out there. This would have been a much better location and the young people would still have a track to ride on and enjoy.

There are three subdivisions surrounding the site at Rumsey Park, and trucks and cars have already been parking on Payson Parkway where there are No Parking signs posted at the entrance to Trailwood, to watch or pick-up the riders without showing any consideration for the residents that live there. This will only get worse on weekends and when school is out for summer vacation.

It seems the decision to put the track at the Rumsey Park site, by the Payson Parks and Recreation Department was done without any good planning or any formal action on the plan by the Town Council.

Evelyn Morrison

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