Oil Company Thievery Deserves A Boycott


The outrages and dramatic increase of gasoline prices in the town of Payson and other parts of the state of Arizona flirts with the crime of thievery. These dealers had their tanks full of low-priced gasoline that was previously selling at prices below a dollar a gallon.

Furthermore, the increase in oil prices did not warrant a 20 to 25-cent increase in the retail price of gasoline. To the consumers, a few cents increase would have been acceptable.

The oil companies themselves are without a doubt one of the most irresponsible of all the big businesses that are guilty of reaping in excessive profits and stockholder pampering.

Because of these outrageous profits, the oil companies could have easily absorbed the small increase in price of a barrel of oil and continued to give the consumers gasoline at less than a dollar a gallon.

The oil companies and their dealers are profiteers.

In retaliation, I suggest that at least in Payson, consumers boycott all the dealers except one or two. I might suggest the Tonto Apache gas station or the Payson Market Place. The boycott should continue until these dealers realize that they can not continue to rip-off consumers.

David J. Engleman

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