We Are Blessed With Caring Children


I recently had the opportunity and good fortune to be in a position of facing a group of our young girls here in Payson ... 50+ in number. As I sat looking at those bright, warm, caring faces, I found myself holding back the tears ... tears of delight and joy!

You see, this was a gathering of just a small part of the Girl Scouts in the Payson area. They had just spent weeks working on getting baby clothes, diapers, formula, baby food, etc. to donate to New Beginnings Center. I was very impressed! The donations filled the back of a pickup truck! I want to say a big thank you to all of the 175 girls who took part in that effort. I know they put their heart into it and did a really fantastic job. They should be proud of their effort. I sure am!

I could not help but think about what a great future is possible for the Payson area. If this is a representation of the citizenry that will make up Payson's future then the future here is going to be great! Payson will be known as the town with a big heart. A town that cares for their own, helps those in need, and builds on high morals.

I asked the girls that night at Town Hall to continue all their lives to reach out and help those in need ... and there will always be folks with needs. Those who just need a little help to get through the rough spots of life.

Now may I ask the adults of Payson to think of these kids when they feel the future is looking bleak? And when you see a young child, give them a smile, a word of encouragement, a little praise and thank God that our future is in the hands of caring and giving kids.

We are all truly blessed to have them here in our community! Thanks, girls!

Jan McQueen, Director
New Beginnings Center

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