Christopher-Kohl's Firefighters Saved The Day


On Wednesday, April 7, I had one of those frightening, unpleasant experiences that everyone dreads and never wants to experience. I awoke a little after 3 a.m. to see flames at the ceiling of my house at Kohl's Ranch.

I immediately called 911 and ran for the garden hose. I was very fortunate that this action kept the fire from getting out of control until the Christopher Creek/Kohl's Ranch volunteer fire department arrived to give much-needed help to this tired, cold and wet individual.

These firefighters worked diligently and made absolutely certain this fire was out completely as would any firefighter. As they were putting all of their equipment away, they asked where I would spend the rest of the night.

Since I really had nowhere to go, one of the volunteers took me into his house for much needed warmth and sleep.

It would be impossible to find a finer example of the spirit of compassion and community than our volunteer fire department. We are so grateful for their unselfish care and service.

Robert M. Rolle
Kohl's Ranch

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