School Too Late To Instill Basic Values


In the April 2 issue of the Payson Roundup, an article on page 10A caught my eye.

I couldn't believe the headline (Phoenix AP) that read: "Legislators look to new laws to promote 'character' in kids". The backers of this program say they hope to instill traits like honesty, responsibility, courage and compassion in our children.

Don't our teachers have enough to do now without putting an additional burden on them of instilling 'character' in them? If a child reaches school age without learning that he must tell the truth, be responsible for his actions, have the courage to stand up for what is right and feel compassion for his peers, it is probably too late and too difficult for a teacher to have any effect on that student.

Aren't these things parents should teach their children in the home?

Kay Loftfield

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