Welcome Banners Could Be Moved To Beeline


Having read of Ray Schum and Lee Pretsch's plans to purchase and hang patriotic banners on light poles in Payson, I would like to make a suggestion.

Rather than turn the main roads into a carnival atmosphere, I suggest that they transfer the Green Valley Park "Welcome" pole banners to the main streets. Having talked to many residents, they all agreed that visitors coming into Payson do not turn on Main Street and go to the lake. It appears that the only viewers of the $82 banners are local residents.

The $82 cost could be and should be applied to the banner plan for Highways 87 and 260. This would serve to reduce the cost of dressing up the main entry to town.

Rest assured, the local merchants and residents would be more than happy to reduce the $10,000 cost to decorate the light poles on the main streets.

Jack Sheahan

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