'Mazatzal Arena' Not A Good Name For Rodeo Grounds


In answer to the people that commented on re-naming the Payson Rodeo Grounds to Mazatzal Arena -- they think it's a good thing to do, especially because the Indians will pay $250,000 for the change.

First of all, Payson is known for the longest running continuous annual rodeo, Payson Rodeo, that is. Second, $250,000 is a drop in the bucket for the casino. Third is the fact that the casino said it would not disrupt the charitable doings in town. The Senior Center and the American Legion are both down because they could not compete with the bingo at the casino.

Also, if the people of Payson allow themselves to be bought for a new rodeo name, they better think a couple of years down the road when the Indians want to rename the town of Payson to Mazatzal. Is their money that important to us?

There is going to be a hotel put up on the reservation. Are tourists that don't know Payson is full of good hotels and restaurants going to come into town when they see the casino, gas station, hotel, restaurants, and the casino rodeo grounds before they get into town?

Payson residents, please, think about this. If the rodeo grounds must have a new name, why not have a contest and let the people of Payson choose a name. I, myself, think it should stay Payson Rodeo Grounds as it is in the history books.

Elizabeth Horta

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