Can't Say Enough Good About Payson


Payson is a wonderful town with the comfortable feeling of a small Alpine village, but with the modern amenities of a city. It has great parks and hotels, which I have visited many times.

The best part of Payson, however, is the people. Never once have I stopped at a gas station, supermarket, or the Wal-Mart and not been greeted with a smile.

The people of Payson are the friendliest in the world and the town is great, thanks to the efforts of the Town Council and the business development team.

The people of Payson are extremely hospitable and they make me feel welcome whenever I visit, especially at Christmas time when my family visits the Christmas Tree Lane in front of Town Hall.

I just wanted to thank the people of Payson for making my vacation special.

Todd Hutchins
Carlsbad, Calif.

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