'Mazatzal' An Appropriate Name For Arena, Event Center


The name of the event center at the south end of Payson could easily be the "Mazatzal Event Center". Just because the Tonto Apache Tribe used this name for its casino does not mean it is an Apache name. In fact, it is not. It is a name given to a range of mountains that extend from North Peak, to Mt. Ord, and on down to Four Peaks. The name is either of Mayan or Aztec origin and means "land of many deer."

To call it the Payson Rodeo Grounds is not correct. It is, as it should be, an event center and will, at least three times a year, host a rodeo event. Hopefully, it can have concerts both for the young and the senior members of Payson's population, as well as many sporting events.

The event center sits in the shade of the Mazatzal Mountains. They contribute nature's backdrop for all events to be held there.

Those mountains had the name long before the Tonto Apaches even had a reservation ... much less a casino.

Chuck Heron
Star Valley

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