Legislature Trying To Usurp Rights


Why is it that the so-called conservative, limited government leaders of our State Legislature continue to try to take self-government away from the people of Arizona?

The latest attempt to usurp power from lower levels of government has to do with guns. Last week, the Legislature passed a bill that would prohibit cities and towns from enacting their own gun control ordinances. The same bill also would have prohibited counties and cities from suing gun manufacturers for damages caused by the criminal use of weapons.

Gov. Hull vetoed the bill, but the Legislature is working toward resubmitting the two measures as separate bills. Hull said she would veto the gun ordinance bill but would sign a measure prohibiting lawsuits.

What you think about gun control or who should be held responsible for the criminal use of guns is not the issue here. The Legislature pulled a similar ploy a couple of years ago when the city of Tucson tried to enact pollution laws more strict than state standards. The issue is a matter of principle regarding the people's right to self-determination.

We say that if a county or city or a school district or a small town wants to enact measures that do not lower the standard of safety for the community or trample rights, they should be allowed to do it. To the point here: at least nine Arizona cities already have ordinances banning the carrying of guns in city parks. The Legislature's proposed bill would no longer allow such ordinances.

Big government -- in this case, the State Legislature -- should get off the backs of the people and let them govern themselves in the communities where they live.

Call our state legislators at 1-800-352-8404 and tell them we'd rather make these kinds of decisions in our own communities.

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