Many Questions Remain About Safety Of Local Schools


I just read the article "Shootings add edge to high school atmosphere" in Friday's Roundup. I had hoped for something more. What is the plan of the school district as a whole? What is the plan for the middle school? How does the plan at the high school account for a campus that is composed of numerous buildings, each with its own entrance? The same can be asked about the middle school, which also has numerous buildings and entrances. Should parents be given the opportunity to offer ideas?

Counseling and discipline are great, but are probably not enough. It is painfully obvious after Littleton, Jonesboro, Peducah, and the rest, that even the best plans cannot prevent a student from slipping through the cracks. If we accept this as the final word, we are in denial.

We need to think about how we should deal with the fact that both the high school and the middle school have numerous buildings, each with its own entrance. I have been to both schools during school hours. I've stopped in the office before entering the campuses. I have rarely seen anyone outside during those times. How do they know when an unauthorized person is on campus? They don't. They can't.

So, what do we do? I don't know, but I do think that we should have some discussion -- discussion which includes the community. I don't advocate turning schools into prisons, but I want to know that every reasonable measure is being taken to keep my children safe while at school.

Am I overreacting? I don't think so. If we don't address this now while the shootings in Littleton are new, we won't deal with it at all. We won't, at least, unless something dreadful happens here.

Susan Grubbs

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