Parents Should Have Known About Troubled Boys


I, like so many others, was sickened to hear about the senseless killings at the high school in Littleton, Colo. Many are saying that this type of incident could happen anywhere, and I have to agree -- anywhere parents allow their children to dress completely in black, whiten their faces and obsess about death.

I hold the parents of the two murdering students responsible for the deaths of the others. It doesn't seem to me that the signs were so subtle that a caring parent wouldn't sense a problem developing. Where were Eric and Dylan's parents while these boys were planning the massacre and constructing explosives? Hate like this doesn't develop overnight.

Most people at some point in their lives feel like they're on the outside. I certainly had times during adolescence where I felt I didn't fit in, but I always knew I was loved, supported and accepted at home. That doesn't mean my parents allowed me carte blanche freedom of expression.

Conversely, I grew up in a home with structure and rules as well as behavioral expectations. Body piercing -- oh, I don't think so. Marilyn Manson music -- absolutely not.

Come on, parents, we wanted to have kids and we have to take responsibility for who they become. Common sense will alert you to the signs that something is not quite right with your child. Are you finding you aren't able to connect with your child? Then find out why.

We have a responsibility to our children and those whom they could harm.

Patricia A. Wisner

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