Parental Guidance Is Fundamental


How many wake-up calls do parents need? God has been sounding the alarm!

Parents ... are you spending evenings with your children or are you watching your TV and sending the kids to their room to watch their TV? Are you reading to the smaller ones and sharing with the big ones? Are you helping with homework or are you too busy? Do you have family dinners together sharing the day's events? Do you know their friends? Do you set limits? Do you have a curfew? Do you sit and just talk and share their concerns? Are you teaching God's laws in the home?

More importantly, are you practicing God's laws? Do you teach responsibility? (Being sure the students get to school on time, getting their homework assignments in, etc.) Children need guidelines and discipline to teach them self-discipline.

If, after you've tried to "talk to them" and given a "time-out" and neither has worked, give them a swift spank with your hand. It sounds the message loud and clear! They want to know where they stand with you. They want discipline. It shows you love and care for them. (I don't mean a beating!)

Do you teach them to respect their teachers and back up the teacher at home? Do you teach them to respect their peers and the law? How do you talk to your children?

I've worked in schools for 15 years and it hurts me to hear the way some parents talk to their children -- not with love, but with bitterness and disgust. What do your kids hear when you talk to them? What are they learning? Have you heard parents in a store yelling instead of talking with a loving tone?

Until we as parents do our jobs with love (and discipline), these shootings and other crimes will continue. If we can't teach God's love and principles in the public schools, we can and must in the home. Until we all do that, no one will be safe or happy. Children need the loving discipline that trains them. It's the only way they know the parents love and truly care for them.

We've lost children whose parents only think of work and money and "toys". Make enough money to support your family and spend the rest of the time enjoying your family. Moms, stay home with your kids. Get a less expensive home, go down to one car, do whatever it takes to be home with your kids.

Don't let a day-care center raise your children! Children are given to you by God to raise and train. That is the best job a mother could ever hope for. Don't blow it, you only have one chance!

Every TV commentator is trying to figure out what's causing all this. Is it guns? Is it violence on TV and movies? Yes, it's all this and more! It's taking God out of schools, and parents not caring what their children are doing as long as they stay out of their way! No ban on guns will help.

The bad guys will always get a gun if they want it. It's human nature for boys to play with guns even if they have to make one out of a broom stick. Parental guidance is what is needed.

Parents ... this is indeed a last chance wake-up call!

Carol A. Morrison

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