Tv Content More Of A Problem Than Guns


In reference to the letter from Pastor Alan Field, I take umbrance to his statement, "But what do we say when dozens of civilians die in an errant U.S. attack?" Wake up, Pastor, there is a war going on over there, and it is an inescapable fact that innocents are going to get hurt.

Did anyone cry errant when they dropped the big one on Japan? Sure, thousands of innocents were killed by that one, but in turn, it saved many thousands of our troops from an impending invasion that would surely have taken many lives.

You speak of never seeing guns outlawed in your lifetime. I agree. What we need to rectify this whole debacle of children going rampant is more parental control. We had an old saying in the Navy, when a sailor become slovenly in his appearance and duties: "Too much liberty and not enough discipline." You can rest assured that problem was taken care of immediately.

Gun control or outlawing guns will never solve the problem. If you want to outlaw something, do it to the tube that spills out filth, sex, murders, rape and just about anything else that is detrimental to the proper upbringing of our future generations. I'm not a supporter of the NRA, but when they say, and I quote, "When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns," I couldn't have said it better.

Bob Gatewood
Mesa del Caballo

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