County Should Stop 'Taxpayer Shuffle'


I'm writing because I'm alarmed at the Gila County Supervisors' taxpayer shuffle. I can sympathize with the pressure on their purse strings, but this shouldn't be an excuse to duck their responsibility.

Counties are obligated by the state to provide health department services to towns and rural areas. Just because the county can't collect from Globe (the only city in Gila County), that is no reason to duck their responsibility to the towns by holding the local library hostage.

The Library District Tax has been in effect for somewhere around 10 years. It has been supported by the taxpayers, so why are the supervisors messing with it? I think it's nothing more than shuffling our tax dollars from one pocket to another.

The fact is, the residents of Payson don't get a fair share return on the taxes we pay to Gila County anyway. We pay a half-cent sales tax for transportation, yet none of the money is spent inside the town. Nearly all of our property tax goes to Gila County, yet very little is returned to Payson residents in services. The health department and the courts are about it for services to town folk. The rest of our money gets spent in the county.

As a matter of equity, the supervisors should look to cut services in areas of the county budget that doesn't affect Payson. If they are going to raise taxes, they should let us vote on it first.

Cliff Potts

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