First Lady's Abuse Excuse Sends Wrong Message


With Hillary Clinton's tell-all interview in the new magazine Talk, which is scheduled to hit the stands this week, the First Family has come to represent all that's wrong with the American family.

Bill is a husband who cheats on his wife and lies about it, and Hillary is a wife who wrings her hands and makes excuses for him.

In what her strategists call a calculated political move, Mrs. Clinton bares her feelings about her husband's affairs, and, astoundingly, she has concluded they're not his fault.

Calling his affair with White House intern Monica Lewinsky a "sin of weakness," she said he should not be held responsible for his actions because he was, she says, abused as a child.

Mrs. Clinton, what were you thinking?

What kind of message are you sending when you tell the nation that the person holding our highest office can control a country but can't control his libido -- and that's OK because he bears emotional scars. People have used this excuse for years -- citing an abusive childhood as reasons to commit despicable acts -- it's just never had a name before. Now it does: the Clinton defense.

Allowing people to shirk their responsibilities and shift the blame onto others is unraveling the fabric of our country. Remove the cornerstone of responsibility from a family, a community, a nation, and the foundations will crumble.

We feel Mrs. Clinton would have come across as a stronger, more credible wife and senate candidate, without the excuses.

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