Pikes End Season With Clash Against Clippers


Competition for the largest-ever Payson Pikes swim team -- 133 members strong -- wraps up Saturday at the Cottonwood Clippers Invitational meet in Cottonwood.

On hand to battle the Pikes will be recreational swim teams representing Prescott, Lake Havasu, Kingman and Sedona.

Because participation in road meets is optional and not sanctioned by the Town Parks and Recreation Department, Pikes' team coach Dani Hatch expects about 40 local swimmers to journey to Cottonwood for the competition.

The Pikes officially end the 1999 splash campaign at 6 p.m. Monday at Rumsey Park and Taylor Pool with its traditional "Pig Out" awards party.

The Pikes were last in action July 31 at Taylor in a dual meet against the Prescott Valley Aqua Dogs.

Team scores are not kept in recreational meets, but the Pikes dominated the Dogs, winning all of the first-place ribbons.

Top individual honors were turned in by Jordon Hunt-Katelnikoff, Sean Ford and Sam Kenkel.

The trio won first-place ribbons in the four events in which they are allowed to participate -- backstroke, breaststroke, freestyle and butterfly.

Hunt-Katelnikoff competed with the 6-years-and-under girls, Ford with the six-and-under boys, and Kenkel among the nine-and-10 boys.

Ford and Kenkel also fueled their age group's individual medley teams to first-place finishes.

Other results

100-Yard Long Distance Individual Medley

6 & under: Sean Ford, first; Willie Conlin, second; Jordan Hunt-Katelnikoff, third; Clinton Godac, fourth.

7-8-year-olds: Jordan Boll, Cody York and Ben Sandoval, first; Jaycee Boll, Joe Conlin, and Joshua Frewin, second; Janae Blalock, Jeff Day, and Michael Ives, third; Taylor Gravill and Nicolas Creighton, fourth; Marlee Melchizedek, fifth.

9-10 year olds: Caitlin Fruth, Segan Cline and Sam Kendel, first; Jessica Blalock, Jennifer Sandoval and Tanner Golliglee, second; Tori Wilbanks, Jamie Bilyk and Nick Ford, third; Victoria Albaracin and Chris Bilyk, fourth; Trevor Day, fifth.

11-12-year-olds: Shelby Bennett, Kaycee Pugel and Jonathan Simmons, first; Brianna Quinlan, Rebekah Sandoval and Heath Burlando, second; Sherah Cline and Chelsea Small, third; Tianna Golliglee and Amy Buckner, fourth; Amber Padilla, fifth.

13-14-year-olds: Rachel Ray, Stephanie Ayoob and Ryan Carey, first; Carley Kendel, second;

Brandon Boll third.

200-Yard Long Distance Individual Medley

Brooke Bennett, first; Megan Disbrow, second.

25 Yards

6 & under (girls): Tayler Tuer, second in all 4 events, butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke and freestyle.

6 & under (boys): Willie Conlin, second in breaststroke and freestyle; Andrew Staszak, second in butterfly and backstroke; Clinton Godac, third in freestyle.

7-8-year-olds (girls): Taylor Gravill, first in backstroke and freestyle; Jordan Boll, first in breaststroke; Jaycee Boll, first in butterfly; Janae Blalock, third in backstroke and freestyle; Marlee Melchizedek, third in breaststroke; Mia Melchizedek, third (2nd heat) in breaststroke and freestyle.

7-8-year-olds (boys): Cody York, first in backstroke, breaststroke and freestyle; Joe Conlin, first in butterfly; Nicolas Creighton, first (2nd heat) in backstroke and freestyle; Jeff Day, second (2nd heat) in butterfly and breaststroke; Ben Sandoval, second (2nd heat) in backstroke; Dalton Packer, second (2nd heat) in freestyle; Clayton White, second (2nd heat) in butterfly; Joshua Frewin, second (2nd heat) in breaststroke; Michael Ives, third (2nd heat) in backstroke and freestyle.

9-10-year-olds (girls): Jessica Blalock, first in breaststroke and freestyle; Caitlin Fruth, first in butterfly; Tori Wilbanks, first in backstroke; Segan Cline, first (2nd heat) in butterfly, breaststroke and freestyle; Victoria Albaracin, first (2nd heat) in backstroke and freestyle; Jennifer Sandoval, second (2nd heat) backstroke and breaststroke; Brianna Haskins, third (2nd heat) in butterfly and backstroke; Jamie Bilyk, third (2nd heat) in breaststroke and freestyle.

9-10-year-olds (boys): Tanner Golliglee, second in butterfly and breaststroke; Trevor Day, first (2nd heat) in breaststroke and freestyle; Noah Cardinael, first (2nd heat) in backstroke; Travis Hutchinson, first (2nd heat) in butterfly; Chris Bilyk, second (2nd heat) breaststroke and freestyle; Nick Ford, third (2nd heat) in butterfly and freestyle; Robert Packer, fourth (2nd heat) in butterfly and freestyle; Shane Tuer, fifth (2nd heat) in butterfly and backstroke.

50 Yards

11-12-year-olds (girls): Rikki Ray, first in backstroke and breaststroke; Shelby Bennett, first in butterfly and freestyle; Monique Heppler, third in backstroke; Brianna Quinlan, first (2nd heat) in butterfly and freestyle; Amber Padilla, first (2nd heat) in backstroke; Autumn Staszak, second (2nd heat) in backstroke and breaststroke; Katie Ford, second (2nd heat) in freestyle; Rebekah Sandoval, second (2nd heat) in butterfly; Chelsea Small, third (2nd heat) in butterfly and backstroke; Sherah Cline, third (2nd heat) in breaststroke; Tianna Golliglee, first (3rd heat) in freestyle; Kaycee Pugel, first (3rd heat) in breaststroke; Sine Scott, first (3rd heat) in backstroke; Dawn Tucker, second (3nd heat) in backstroke; Amy Buckner, third (3nd heat) in breaststroke and freestyle.

11-12-year-olds (boys): Heath Burlando, first in butterfly and backstroke; Jonathan Simmons, first in breaststroke and freestyle.

13-14-year-olds (girls): Carley Kenkel, first in breaststroke and freestyle; Brooke Bennett, first in butterfly; Rachel Ray, first in backstroke; Shea Hatch, first (2nd heat) in butterfly; Malori Heppler, first (2nd heat) in backstroke; Megan Reed, first (2nd heat) in freestyle; Stephanie Ayoob, second (2nd heat) in backstroke; Priscilla Stiner, second (2nd heat) in breaststroke; Cecelia Tucker, third (2nd heat) in butterfly; Ashley Dryer, fifth (2nd heat) in breaststroke and freestyle.

13-14-year-olds (boys): Brandon Boll, first in butterfly and backstroke; Ryan Carey, first in breaststroke and freestyle.

15-18-year-olds (girls): Megan Disbrow, first in backstroke, breaststroke and freestyle.

15-18-year-olds (boys): Tanner Hatch, first in freestyle; Justin Cline, second in freestyle.

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