Commandments For Fast Food Employees


1. A uniformed restaurant employee shalt not come out of a bathroom stall and proceed to walk past thy customers without washing thy hands.

2. If thou shalt sneeze, thou shalt not sneeze into the same hands that prepareth my hamburger. Thou shouldest instead sneezeth away from thy hands and away from thy food preparation areas.

3. Thou shalt not advertise toys for kids' meals that thou does not have. Taketh down thy signs or tell parents before they purchase a child's meal if thou hast not the toy.

4. Thou shalt not abandon a new employee on the cash register when thou knowest many hungry souls will stand in line to dine. Thou shalt not make them turn and search for help with every button they must push. This is not a fair action for thy customers or thy new employee.

5. Thou shalt have a speaker phone in the drive-through that works. Thou shalt actually listen when thy customers order food at the drive-through.

6. Thou shalt adjust thy thermostat for the comfort of thy customers in the dining room, not for the comfort of the one who cooks in the kitchen.

7. Thou shalt keepeth thy bathrooms clean and the bathroom tissue plentiful.

8. If thou shalt run out of forks, or napkins or any other needful thing -- thou shalt not maketh thy customers eat with their hands or wipeth dirty fingers on their clothing until thy truck arrives in three days. Thou can go forth to the store down the street and purchase that which is necessary for thy customers.

9. Thou shalt not leave thy trash cans to fill and drop waste on the floor. Thy customers need not act as a trash compactor using foot and hand to press down that which is too full.

10. Thou shalt not speaketh to thy friends who hang around when customers are seeking service. While friends are of much worth, it is not good to speak of dates and cars when a hungry man standeth at the door.

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