Rodeo Queens To Reign Eight Extra Months


Rim country teens and young women interested in competing in the Rodeo Queen Contest will have to put off their dreams of wearing the crown until the spring of 2000.

Mary Little, a former queen committee member, said the committee that handled the queen contest disbanded in May.

But Little, a Payson resident for 19 years, said she was surprised to hear that there wasn't going to be a competition this year. She said whe was one of four or five committee members who left the group in May.

"This is the first time, since I've been here that they haven't had a queen competition and I know there are some girls who wanted to compete this year who won't be able to," she said.

Bobbi Richey, who remains as director of the competition, said when the girls and young women do compete, they'll know what to expect.

Richey explained that the competition had been in a "lull."

"We're holding our 1999 girls over for another short term," Richie said Thursday. Honey Ryan, the 1999 Payson Rodeo Queen, presides over this year's rodeo along with Teen Queen Hester Kane and Jr. Teen Queen Emilie Acord.

They'll continue their reigns until Payson's spring pro rodeo in May.

"And we're revamping our contest, said Richey. "There was not a lot of interest in the contest this year."

Richey said she'll hold clinics throughout the year for the junior teen, teen, and queen contestants. Dates have not yet been set.

"We'll be teaching the girls all about queening and all the aspects of being a queen," she said.

At the clinics, the girls will learn the responsibilities that come with wearing the crown and what will be expected of them as representatives of Payson. They'll also learn about participating in other competitions.

Judges look at speaking ability, modeling, horsemanship and personality.

"We're just looking forward to the year 2000, and putting on a good contest," she said. "We'd like to invite all the young girls out to compete."

The Payson 1999-2000 queens will promote the rodeo at schools, day care facilities and nursing homes next week.

They'll sign autographs at Corral West Friday, Aug. 20, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. and Saturday, Aug. 21, after the parade, from 10:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.

"The rest of the time, they'll be in the parade and all the performances of the rodeo," Richey said.

For information or to help with the events, call Richie at 474-2376.

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