A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Lives


On the front page of today's Roundup is a disturbing photograph of DPS Sgt. John Whetten holding a child car seat taken from a vehicle involved in Sunday's fatal accident.

We are not in the habit of publishing such shocking photographs simply to sell newspapers. We chose to publish this photograph, not as a frightening image of a tragedy, but as a powerful reminder that a life was saved because of a child car seat.

After seeing the amount of damaged sustained in the reported head-on collision, it seems a miracle that the 4-year-old girl buckled in that car seat survived.

Life is full of unexpected events. Some are wonderful; some are horrifying. None of us can foresee the future. We go about our busy lives trying to make good choices that will protect ourselves and our loved ones.

Hopefully this photograph will be a reminder to parents and grandparents that the short time it takes to buckle a child in a safety restraint can be worth a lifetime.

The right library choice

We commend the Gila County Board of Supervisors for listening, pondering, discussing and choosing the right course of action by continuing full funding of municipal libraries in the county.

A hike in taxes is never a pleasant decision. In the long run this may not be the best way to insure that our libraries and other vital county services should be maintained.

However, ambushing local town governments with an eleventh-hour reduction in funding was not a sound approach to resolving a sticky budgetary situation.

In their press release announcing their continuing support of the libraries, the supervisors warned that in 10 months -- when budget decisions are to be made for the next fiscal year -- library funding will change. This is the proper approach.

Now, all concerned parties will have the opportunity to work together to find a fair and reasonable solution.

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