Party Honors Swimmers


The largest Payson Pikes swim team ever -- 133 strong -- wrapped up the 1999 campaign last week at Rumsey Park with the traditional "Pig Out" awards party.

Coaches, parents and swim team members participated in the ceremonies that recognized the outstanding swimmer in each age group.

Also acknowledged were the youngsters coaches felt gave the "best effort" and were "most improved."

Pikes who participated in July's lap-a-thon benefit were recognized for their contributions to the team.

The funds generated at the lap-a-thon and the proceeds from the snack bar, which total about $2,000, are "earmarked toward the purchase of new lane lines for the year 2000 Pikes' swim season," said team coach Dani Hatch.

Award winners

Outstanding Swimmer:
• 6 & under girls, Hannah Eaton; 6 & under boys, Sean Ford; 7-8 girls, Taylor Gravill; 7-8 boys, Cody York; 9-10 girls, Jessica Blalock; 9-10 boys, Tanner Golliglee; 11-12 girls, Shelby Bennett; 11-12 boys, Michael Dorris; 13-14 girls, Brooke Bennett; 13-14 boys, Ryan Carey; 15-18 girls, Megan Disbrow; 15-18 boys, Tanner Hatch.

Best Effort:

  • 6 & under girls, Jordan Hunt-Katelnikoff; 6 & under boys, Willie Conlin; 7-8 girls, Janae Blalock; 7-8 boys, Joe Conlin; 9-10 girls, Victoria Albaracin; 9-10 boys, Chris Bilyk; 11-12 girls, Brianna Quinlan; 11-12 boys, Jonathan Simmons; 13-14 girls, Malori Heppler; 13-14 boys, Brandon Boll; 15-18 girls, Kaiti Simmons; 15-18 boys, Justin Cline.

Most Improved:

  • 6 & under girls, Tayler Tuer; 6 & under boys, Clinton Godac; 7-8 girls, Marlee Melchizekik; 7-8 boys, Michael Ives; 9-10 girls, Tori Wilbanks; 9-10 boys, Shane Tuer; 11-12 girls, Ashley Hamilton; 11-12 boys, Heath Burlando; 13-14 girls, Stephanie Ayoob; 15-18 girls, Mindy Dorris; 15-18 boys, Dustin Sack.

Lap-A-Thon Award Swimmers:

  • 6 & unders, Hannah Eaton, Sean Ford and Andrew Staszak; 7-8-year-olds, Jordan Boll, Jaycee Boll and Cody York; 9-10-year-olds, Jo Lynn Mendoza, Jessica Blalock, Kaiah Eaton and Noah Cardinael; 11-12-year-olds, Shelby Bennett and Joshua Blalock; 13-14-year-olds, Brooke Bennett and Ryan Carey; 15-18-year-olds, Megan Disbrow and Tanner Hatch.

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