Pikes Make Big Splash In Cottonwood


A pair of Payson Pikes attained the pinnacle of swim success, winning age-group, high-point, all-around honors at the seven-team Verde Valley Invitational held Saturday in Cottonwood.

Brooke Bennett among the 13-14-year-olds, and Rikki Ray with the 11-12-year-olds, both finished as high-point swimmers.

Bennett took first-place medals in the 100-meter individual medley, 50-meter backstroke and 50-meter butterfly.

Ray was first in the backstroke and butterfly, and fifth in backstroke. All three events were 50 meters in length.

In addition to Bennett, the Pikes dominated the 13-14-year-old competition with two other all-around champions in that division.

Rachel Ray was runner-up to Bennett, garnering first place in the freestyle and second in the backstroke.

Bronze medalist honors in the age group went to Shea Hatch, who took a third in the butterfly and fourths in both the backstroke and freestyle.

While she didn't pick up a trophy in the age division, Malori Heppler did her share for the Payson cause with a second in freestyle, a fourth in the breaststroke, and seventh in the backstroke.

Also shining for the Pikes was the twin-sister team of Jordan and Jaycee Boll.

Competing in the 7-8-year-old division, Jordan was the runner-up in the high-point, all-around trophy chase, turning in second-place finishes in the individual medley and butterfly. She was also third in the breaststroke.

Not far behind was sister Jaycee, who returned to Payson with a first in the backstroke, third in the individual medley and fifth in the breaststroke.

While the Pikes sport 133 team members, only 30 traveled to Cottonwood for the invitational. This year, away meets are not officially sanctioned by the Payson Parks and Recreation Department which sponsors the Pikes team.

Other individual results

  • 7-8 girls: Rachel Henderson, 3rd, 25-meter backstroke, 7th, 25-meter freestyle, 8th, 25-meter butterfly.

• 9-10 girls: Kaiah Eaton, 7th, 25-meter backstroke; Tori Wilbanks, 6th, 25-meter butterfly.

• 9-10 boys: Tanner Golliglee, 3rd, 100-meter IM, 4th, 25-meter breaststroke, 6th, 25-meter freestyle.

• 11-12 girls: Shelby Bennett, 3rd, 50-meter freestyle, 4th, 200-meter IM, 6th, 50-meter butterfly; Tianna Golliglee, 8th, 50-meter backstroke.

• 11-12 boys: Michael Dorris, 4th, 50-meter breaststroke and backstroke.

• 13-14 girls: Stephanie Ayoob, 8th, 50-meter freestyle.

• 13-14 boys: Brandon Boll, 5th, 50-meter butterfly and backstroke, 7th, 50-meter freestyle; Ryan Carey, 4th, 50-meter freestyle and breaststroke.

• 15-18 girls: Megan Disbrow, 4th, 50-meter breaststroke, 6th, 50-meter backstroke, 7th, 200-meter IM.

• 15-18 boys: Dustin Sack, 5th, 50-meter breaststroke; Justin Cline, 7th, 50-meter butterfly; Tanner Hatch, 8th, 50-meter butterfly.

Relay results

  • 11-12-year-olds: Rikki Ray, Autumn Staszak, Shelby Bennett, Michael Dorris, 4th, 200-meter Mixed Medley Relay; Rikki Ray, Monique Heppler, Shelby Bennett, Michael Dorris, 6th, 200-meter Mixed Freestyle Relay.

• 13-14-year-olds: Rachel Ray, Malori Heppler, Brooke Bennett, Ryan Carey, 2nd, 200-meter Mixed Medley Relay; Rachel Ray, Malori Heppler, Brooke Bennett, Ryan Carey, 1st, 200-meter Mixed Freestyle Relay; Shea Hatch, Stephanie Ayoob, Shelby Bennett, Brandon Boll, 6th, 200-meter Mixed Freestyle Relay.

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