Someone Needs To Get Ball Rolling On Theaters


No movie theater until Labor Day of 2000 - if then? I don't know who can do anything to speed the process, but I do hope that someone will.

A town of this size with no movie theater is rare, I would think. Since Payson Picture Show closed its doors, the movie rental business has boomed. That's great for them, of course, but they will continue to do well even after a new movie theater opens its doors.

It's not just the kids who would like to see a new theater here in Payson sooner, rather than later. If my husband and I would like to have an evening out, there are three options - dining, bowling, or drinking in a bar. Since neither bowling or spending time in a bar appeals to us, that pretty much slams the door on the evening.

There are those who will argue that there are concerts. True, but not on a nightly basis, and certainly not something that can be selected spontaneously. Judging by my elderly parents' reasonably active lives - church, theater, concerts - in a major metropolitan city, movies are of interest to that generation, too. It is obvious that the kids love movies and could use another "place to go."

In considering a new movie theater for Payson, perhaps we should be realistic. Payson really doesn't need a theater with four screens. It seems to me that the price of admission would have to be higher just to break even with four movies running at the same time.

Since it is probably unlikely that another single-screen theater owner would choose to run a double feature, a theater with two screens seems reasonable. Perhaps with just two screens, the owner would be able to offer matinee prices. It seems unlikely to me that the same owner would make enough money running four movies to be able to offer any matinee prices.

I admit that I'm not knowledgeable in how any of this would come to pass. I'm hoping that someone on the Town Council will read this and get the ball rolling.

Susan Grubbs

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