Writers Will Miss Comrade's Humor


A tribute to Carl Meisterheim:

At a meeting of the Payson Area Writers Society on Aug. 11, Carl Meisterheim took his turn at reading. He shared with us a proposed letter he had written to a literary agent in an attempt to get his recently completed novel published.

Then Carl began reading one of his latest pieces of humor. His reading ended after a few lines when he quietly slumped in his chair as his frail heart stopped beating. Without a sound, he left this world.

Carl was a gentle, sweet-natured soul who will be greatly missed by his friends of the Payson Area Writers Society. And we will miss his delightful collection of humorous tales which he shared with us at each meeting.

Carole Mathewson, Jean Warner, Miriam Crawford, Jay M. Kemp, Carol Moody, Dorothy Roth, Arlene Garrels, Ginna Bartlett, Jacqueline Williams, Mary C. Roberts, Hubert Herrmann:

Payson Area Writers Society

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