Fast Food Consumers Could Use Some Etiquette, Too


by the staff and crew of Payson Arby's
We don't know what prompted the Aug. 13 editorial "Commandments for fast food employees," but we feel a rebuttal is in order.

We do our best and feel the customer has to also take some of the responsibility. Trying to keep a fast food restaurant clean and well run is not easy. Because of hard work, low pay and employee turnover, we seldom have a well-oiled crew. We try.

The customer would do well to understand and be patient. Ordering the product as is makes it easier, but when you get 50 people wanting the same sandwich with tomatoes or without tomatoes, or with sauce or with the sauce that's on that other sandwich, it's not easy. We do our best.

We try to keep our fast food clean, but that also takes a little effort from the customer. So here are our Ten Commandments for the customer:

1. Thy customer shall understand that most germs in the bathroom are on the faucet handles, towel handles and door handles, so most employees wash their hands in the bath room and again when we reach the line. We are now also equipped with hand sanitizers for our clean hands.

2. Thy customer who expects us not to sneeze and cough on their food should do the same for us. Not lean over our counters in our face or put babies with dirty shoes or diapers on our counters.

3. Thou shalt not use our bathrooms for shower rooms. Campers coming back seem to think taking sponge baths and leaving wet towels everywhere is perfectly OK.

4. Thou shalt understand employee turnover in fast food is great. There is usually a new person who has to be trained, always. Thy customer shall be understanding and patient.

5. Thou shalt, when in drive-thru, not have screaming kids, barking dogs, or radios blaring when ordering over thy speaker.

6. Thou shalt understand that the temperature of comfort is different for everyone and we can only move the thermostat to try and please the majority.

7. Thy customer shall help us keep our bathrooms clean by putting toilet paper in toilets and hand towels in the waste baskets.

8. Thy customer will help us not to run out of napkins, straws, and cutlery by not taking great handfuls. The camper must understand that if they forgot napkins we are not there to supply great handfuls for them. Bashas' and Safeway are just next door.

9. Thy customer should work with us to keep our fast food clean. Let us know if toilet paper is out, hand towels are gone or trash cans are full. We do our best, but during rushes we can't be everywhere.

10. Thou shalt understand we try to be friendly with our customers and hope and pray they will be the same to us.

P.S. We aren't even allowed to accept tips.

(Editor's note: Our Aug. 13 editorial was prompted by letters, calls and our own observations. We certainly didn't mean to imply that all fast food restaurants and their workers were guilty of violating our 10 commandments. And we're glad the good folks at Arby's wrote this reply -- there's always at least two sides to every story.)

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