My View On Hate Offered Good Advice


Richard Haddad's "My View" regarding hate destruction in your paper's issue of Friday, Aug. 13, was excellent. Written well, concise, to the point, and thought-provoking, it made me apply the message to myself. Am I too old to learn? No, I am not too aged or "set in my ways."

Cooking, I snatched a utensil with irritation and exclaimed to myself loudly, "I hate this contraption."

I stopped. It made me look and listen to myself. I, too, often and clearly use that word. When I faced this fact, it lightened my mood, and I laughed.

I have cut out your words. When my granddaughter, 16, from Phoenix comes to visit me, I shall give her this article.

"Hate" could be listed with other, ugly four-letter words which we circumvent.

Thank you for your fine words.

Marguerite Noble

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