Payson Has Some Angels


After spending most of our lives in small-town Iowa, it is nice to know that small-town Arizona people are friendly and helpful as well.

On Saturday, Aug. 14 about 5 p.m., our Dodge Intrepid decided it didn't want to run any more. We immediately got on our cell phone to call for help when the freshly charged battery went dead. The wonders of modern technology!

Within a few minutes an "angel" in a red Jeep Cherokee stopped to see if we needed help. We asked if she had a cell phone we could borrow, rent, steal, etc. She handed us her cell phone and said she would be back in a few minutes as she needed to pick up her son. She didn't know us from Adam.

As luck would have it, the phone was identical to ours. We switched batteries to avoid racking up her phone bill. A few minutes later, she was back. She refused any sort of compensation.

We didn't get her name. It must be "Angel"! So we award her with a huge bouquet of roses! However, we have a truck load of bricks for the deputy sheriff who passed us and didn't bother to stop!

We spend one weekend a month in the Payson area. This makes us feel good about the people in your area. We intend to be back soon!

Thank you, Payson.

Lauren and Hester Bolks

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