Town Needs Another Hallmark Store


Oftentimes newcomers to a community hesitate to voice opinions, because they feel they don't really have a say. So they keep their observations to themselves and the circumstance continues unheeded. Finally, when no one else "speaks up," the time has come to "take a stand". This is such a moment.

I have noticed in a recent edition of the Roundup the front side of the "Ponderosa Village Shopping Center" was nearly filled up. It was announced a month or two prior that suggestions for new businesses and stores were being considered for the Sawmill Crossing on Main Street. I would very much like to make a recommendation for the Sawmill Crossing.

A couple of years ago, this town had a lovely Hallmark store located at the Payson Village Shopping Center. As a visitor to the area, I noticed a quiet atmosphere that seemed perfect for customers purchasing gorgeous greeting cards and tastefully-made fine gifts.

The merchandise was beautifully arranged and the store was kept in showcase condition. It was a joy to go there.

Unfortunately, the expansion of a supermarket was being planned. The store owners of Hallmark were dismayed but had to yield to future growth. So, we have had to do without the splendid little business establishment.

Since then, I became a resident and found existing enterprises have had to "beef up" their card departments. However, as luck would have it, their atmosphere has been often noisy and rushed. I couldn't help but observe the frustration on the faces of many purchasers when they were trying to make thoughtful selections. It was difficult to watch.

Asking around the community has yielded some pertinent information. It seemed that many ladies were taking their lists of greeting cards, wrapping paper and small fine gifts to the Valley. This meant that the town of Payson was losing business. That certainly wasn't in our best interest.

Therefore, a recommendation was made for another Hallmark store. It would reinstate a "Touch of Class" to our beautiful town. I understand a lot of ladies and gentlemen would be extremely thankful.

Carol Ladewski-Griffin

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