Can You Blame The Sunbirds?


by Mikey Marazza
Can you believe it's the end of August, and before we know it summer will be over? One more weekend till the last holiday of the summer.

Now is the time to drive up to Christopher Creek and enjoy the beautiful weather. You can stay and have lunch or dinner at the Creekside Restaurant or The Landmark and eat out on the patio overlooking Christopher Creek.

You can stop and visit the crafters selling their wares at the Landmark, where you can find items crafted from wood, along with hand-sewn goods. And if you want produce, there is also a fresh fruit and vegetable stand.

You can tell it is extremely hot in the Valley and everyone is heading up to the Rim to escape. The stream of cars on weekends just doesn't seem to end. And who in the world could blame them?

I had to go to the Valley twice this week and I now remember why I left there. It is called extreme heat. It's like a blast furnace down there.

And you find yourself running from an air-conditioned car to an air-conditioned building. All this running in and out from the heat to the cool air really makes you just sick, and I couldn't wait to get back to Payson, where I could shut the air off and open my windows and smell fresh air.

Why people want to live in a place where it is too hot to breathe and way too much traffic is beyond me. I guess they aren't fortunate to have Christopher Creek.

I keep asking my husband, "Where in the world are all these people going?" And of course he replies, "Beats me."

Nothing but wall-to-wall traffic. We are so fortunate to live in a small community where we really don't need to go anywhere else.

Baked goods and books

Labor Day is coming up and the Firebelles are getting ready for their bake and book sale and silent auction. They need people to help bake and donate books and articles for the silent auction.

If you would like to help bake; call Sandy at 478-4774. If you have something to donate to the auction, call Penny at 478-4404.

All proceeds go to the Christopher Kohl's Fire Department., so get your ovens ready; pull your books and unwanted items out of the garage and call the ladies today.

Fire board opening

The Christopher Kohl's Fire District has an opening on the Fire District Board. Anyone interested in filling this position must apply before Sept. 7. Contact Kyle Gourdoux at 478-4284; or call the fire station at 478-4011. Interviews will be held on Saturday, September 11.

Lot numbers

Those of you who still need lot numbers can call me at 478-4519 or Susan Ronn at 478-4881 and we will make them and hang them for you.


Some September birthdays: the 2nd - Margie Larsen; 4th - Jenny Reindhart; 5th - Frankie Jo Marazza; 10th - Marian Serge; 15th -- Daniel Ronn; 21st -- Clayton Ashby; 24th - Sam Conklin, Terri Gruber; 26th -- Shelly Sundra; 28th -- Erin Ronn; 29th -- Angela Gruber; the 30th - Mickey Nerka.

Wishing all of you a very happy birthday.

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