Teen's Abortion An Outrage


Whether you believe in abortion or not, you should tell our state legislators you are outraged over the very idea of spending our tax dollars to send a 14-year-old Phoenix girl to California for a late-term abortion.

The reason she needs to go to California is because she is 24 weeks pregnant (almost six months) and Arizona doctors do not perform abortions after 20 weeks. Neither do doctors in 47 other states. That's because this is an absolutely brutal procedure. The blood loss can be enormous, making it very risky for the mother.

We understand that this young girl has had a troubled life and may have been raped, however, 5 1/2 months is more than enough time for a decision to be made. Our teens must see that sometimes by delaying a decision, the choice has already been made.

Religious freedom upheld

The attorney for Ryan Green --the 15-year-old Mississippi boy who was told to remove his Star of David pendant before coming to school -- said the school board's reversal of the demand Monday may have been fueled by economic pressures.

Green was told by a teacher to remove the symbol of his Jewish faith because a nearby gang used a six-pointed symbol similar to the Star of David.

Gulfport, where the boy is from, is a tourist destination, with several casinos driving the coastal economy. Negative publicity, the lawyer surmised, may affect that region's tourism.

This is another one of those stories that just leaves us scratching our heads. The outcome of this story should not have been influenced by anything other than an American's right to religious freedom, and the right to wear a symbol of his faith.

If a gang has the poor judgment to design their insignia similar to that symbol, than so be it. If another gang were to use a cross, would Christians be told to remove them? Better yet, if Disciples of Doom decided to use as their sign a diamond, would American's be scrambling to hide their precious jewels?

There was nothing about this situation that should have ever been in question -- except maybe the ethics of the teacher who ordered him to remove the pendant.

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