There's A Difference Between 'Affordable' And 'Deserving'


So much has been printed and said around here that I must give some of the other viewpoints on affordable housing. As in everything in life this is subject to opinion. Two words can have many definitions -- "affordable" and "deserving".

So little of the land in the Payson area is privately owned, that a place to build is expensive where ever it is located. Costs have gone extremely high - building materials, labor and particularly fees (development, engineering, and permits). The builder "deserves" a small profit, or why should he bother?

Maybe not everyone "deserves" the home of their dreams in the Utopia around Payson. No one today wants to live in what they can "afford".

I grew up in a small farming community in southwest Oklahoma and had never considered leaving until I was drafted. While in the Army, I married a girl from another farm. After discharge we could not afford basic housing at home, so we moved to where I could make more money.

Our first home was a small trailer house, but in less than two years we could "afford" a new three-bedroom home. We have done very well and can "afford" any place we want. We do help the have-nots, but feel no desire or need to help the will nots.

Mel Payne
Star Valley

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