Close-Formation Flights Should Be Banned


As the controversy continues over whether pilots should make right turns upon landing at the Payson airport to avoid flights over populated areas, as opposed to circling over the town in the usual left-turn pattern, no one has touched on the subject of the madness that goes on in the air over Payson during the annual "fly-in."

On that weekend, as they make wide left turns above us, World War II military planes can often be seen flying rapidly in close formation, wing-tip to wing-tip and nose to tail, with sounds that are reminiscent of World War II. We have been told those pilots "know what they're doing."

However, those making such a statement forget that many planes have crashed through the years at air shows.

If planes were to go down in Payson following a fiery mid-air collision, (part of) this heavily timbered town could become a charred ruin. For the safety and welfare of the residents and property of Payson, it's imperative that close-formation flying be prohibited over the town.

Carole Mathewson, Payson

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