Left-Hand Flight Pattern A Lawsuit Waiting To Happen


As a former pilot, I am continually reminded of the enormous disparity between the pilot and his stodgy earthbound cousin.

To our increasing criticism and complaint of his regular low-level flight over our homes as he tears up the sky, he may reply, "Oh pish posh. If you think you have problems now, just fiddle with our traffic pattern and, oh boy, you'll have planes running into one another -- especially if you insist on a right turn to get on final." Encouraged by our, "Gee, I had no idea," he may continue by producing a grim smile as he explains that the pilot is seated on the left with his girl friend or wife on the right so that he can't see very well to the right.

And, above all, he doesn't have to make right turns to final at most all well-run airports. "Right turns are far more dangerous than tearing up the sky over your home," he may cleverly add as he looks off to the horizon. "Besides, I'll bet you aren't home most of the time."

"Say, big fella," you should respond in order to minimize the enormous disparity between the pilot and stodgy you, "what if something falls off the plane or the whole plane falls right on my house. Obviously I'll sue the hell out of your estate and I will have my attorneys investigate the responsibility of the owner of the airport as well as the airport board."

Perhaps the Arizona Republic would be interested in little stories, from time to time, about our "uncontrolled airport" as it pollutes our environment by permitting low level, out-of-control over flights on approach and take off to tear up our beautiful sky.

Robert L. Nichols, Payson

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