Gifts For Abandoned Animals Appreciated


Please remember the animals this season. The dogs and cats of Payson are not at the shelter because they want to spend the holidays there. This season, would you add to your shopping list a bag of treats for one of our four-footed friends? Taste treats are a wonderful luxury to an abandoned cat or dog. Nights are cold now. The Payson Humane Society and its critters would appreciate any blankets, towels or small throw rugs that are cast offs at your house. (They'll) mean warmer nights to the animals. Dry kitten, cat or dog food is always welcome when there are so many hungry tummies to fill each day. Besides setting out a snack for Santa this year, please drop off an animal treat for animals at the Payson Humane Society at 812 S. McLane Rd.

Patt Boettcher, Payson Humane Society

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