The Wonder Of Arizona


by Amy Burton

Crunching through the midst of leaves around your feet,

Looking through a misty window at snow-covered peaks,

Laughing with delight at the antics of acrobatic squirrels,

Marveling at the magnificence of this magical world.

Smelling the aroma of pine-laden breezes,

Watching a slow-moving stream as it freezes,

Staring into a sky of clear azure blue,
Sensing the movements of life all around you.

Walking under a canopy of a moonlit night,

Listening for the call of a small Bob-White,

contemplating a sunset as it closes another day,

Learning from life's patterns in their glorious array.

Finding you peace in the beauty of this land,

Knowing nowhere else on Earth could ever be so grand,

Celebrating the splendor of all life has to give,

Arizona! What a place to live!

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