Community Support Good For Councilman's Heart


I want to thank all the folks who came by the hospital, called, sent cards, floral arrangements and the generous, warm wishes from the entire community. Your sincere concern and support for Lee and me is greatly appreciated.

Many of you have asked about my condition and if this episode changes my intention to run for mayor. First, a few words about my medical condition.

As was reported in the paper last Friday, I was readmitted to the hospital for a few days to treat a stress ulcer condition that was a result of my bypass surgery. My surgeons tell me that a stress ulcer is not uncommon in a case such as mine. I am pleased to report that I have been at home since Friday evening and I am resting comfortably.

The need for the bypass surgery was identified during a routine medical exam. The surgery went well and my recovery is ahead of schedule. After an extensive battery of tests, and it's hard for me to believe they missed any, the doctors have concluded that I am in excellent physical condition.

Now, as for my bid to be mayor, my desire to continue to serve this community is unchanged. My doctors anticipate a full recovery from both conditions after adequate rest through the holiday season. If I feel as well as I expect, I will resume campaigning in mid-January.

I believe our mayor must be energetic and project an image of vitality when representing the Town of Payson. Be assured that if there comes a time when I cannot adequately serve the citizens of Payson in that manner, I will be the first to step aside.

People say that the golden years are for doing the things that we enjoy most. I couldn't agree more. For some folks that means fishing, golfing, tennis, crafts or travel. Lee and I have enjoyed these activities over the years, but I have never been more enthusiastic and gratified than when working at Payson Town Hall. I am thankful to be in a situation where I can devote myself to community service, and to live in a dynamic community where my daily involvement can truly make a difference.

Thank you again for your prayers and concerns. I wish you all a wonderful holiday season and look forward to seeing you in the new millennium.

Ray Schum, Payson

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