Octogenarian Ready For A Republican In White House


The day I heard Sen. McCain say on TV that our service families were on food stamps -- it made my blood boil. I had a husband who was a veteran of WWII.

Then I bought a book, "Faith of My Father's" by John McCain. An extremely interesting book, I could not put it down until I finished it four days later.

I watched the New Hampshire debate and was so taken with Sen. McCain's answers, then his interview on "Meet the Press" this morning. I decided on my 80th birthday this month, to send a contribution to Sen. McCain's campaign so that I can be involved and do what I can to put a Republican in the White House.

Washington has become such a mess for us all -- as well as TV and Hollywood -- and I am mad as hell and hope the people of Payson and our wonderful country will do something about it.

Come on, Payson, get behind him or Gov. Bush and show Washington who is boss around here.

Marjorie Reyburn, Payson

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