Wal-Mart Making The Grade, Town Officials Say


The paint on the Wal-Mart Supercenter wasn't even dry last month before people began wondering if Wal-Mart was living up to its construction agreements with the town.

But according to Payson Community Development Director Bob Gould, Wal-Mart, which is building the Supercenter across from Town Hall on Highway 87, is living up to its side of the deal on every point.

"When the town did the rezoning for Wal-Mart, we specified several color ranges which included blue-greens, and greens," he said. "There are three colors being used for the Wal-Mart store, the blue-greens, green and tan colors which you see today.

"These colors have been approved (by the town) and will be used by Wal-Mart.

"I believe that this is a major improvement from some of the other color combinations which currently exist within the town of Payson," he said.

Store officials also promised to save the trees on their 18.25-acre building site.

Although the lot looks as though it has been clear cut, Gould said store officials boxed up a number of the trees from the site and will replant them before the store opens.

The boxed trees and shrubs include: 75 ponderosa pine trees and pinons ranging from 3- to 11-inches in diameter; 23 junipers ranging from 4- to 9-inches in diameter; 59 oaks ranging from 3- to 9-inches in diameter; and 43 boxes of manzanita and deer brush.

The town has a complete set of landscaping plans on file, which Gould said will be implemented prior to the store receiving a certificate of occupancy.

Wal-Mart has violated certain water and construction codes during the development of the project, but contractors have corrected them or are in the process of correcting them, Gould said.

"We are not ignoring any violations," he said. "If anyone is aware of additional violations, they can notify the town."

Gould can be reached at his office in the Community Development Department at Town Hall Campus at 474-5242.

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