Blue-Light Program A Potential Fund-Raiser


Recently in the Roundup, my son and I read an article that talked about showing support for our police officers by lighting a blue light bulb on our front porch. My son, who is 6 years old, was very excited about this and wanted to show his support.

The problem came when we tried to find a blue light bulb in the stores. After going to five different stores, we finally found one at Safeway, and paid $2.59 for it.

My suggestion to the police department is this: While I am in favor of showing support for the men and women who are members of law enforcement, I would like to see that money go to a fund that assists families of injured or slain officers.

Would it be possible to use the blue light bulb as a fund-raiser?

Personally, I would have not thought twice about spending the money if I knew that it was going to go to charity.

Just a suggestion.

Lori Gardner, Payson

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